Virtual Particles | Graphic Documentary | 2021

‘What kind of matrix does the new world created through the deconstruction and reconstruction of virtual particles have?’

The graphic documentary, Virtual Particles, is a visual essay that combines fact and fiction as a planetary science study. This graphic documentary records the random movement of particles existing in alternative spaces in the order of world-space-particles. This work depicts an ever-changing space through the creation and extinction of digital dots with irregular orbits. This project researches, reinterprets and archives virtual particles for the study of hypothetical planets.

Let's think again, by breaking up space and objects in the form of microscopic particles. The virtual particle field created by the movement of countless dust is a series of contingencies. The movement of virtual particles with random trajectories in the flow of relative time is a clue that assumes the existence of another space-time. The graphic documentary Virtual Particles positively depicts coincidental matrix caused by irregular particles.

Sound Design Jay Kim, Angelica Lee