The shelf: the boundary between reality and virtual reality
Installation | 2021

Particle objects 

‘The Shelf’ is a new alternative space. Borrowing a quantum mechanical perspective, this project takes a different perspective on the space between reality and virtuality;, that is, the boundary in a different way. This installation describes the space at the boundary as a world of waves: a space of possibility. Specifically, this work speculates on the reconstructed space through the circulation of dismantled pieces. Therefore, this installation, which symbolises a part of the virtual space, not only asks questions about the relationship between particles and space and the meaning of the existence of virtual space, but also positively views the space of uncertainty.

‘The Shelf’ uses a ready-made shelf to place the series works, allowing the audience to experience a vertical movement of their gaze. The installation in the empty space allows the viewers to experience a part of the virtual planet visually, auditorily, and tactilely through various media. Therefore, ‘The shelf’ opens the positive possibilities as an indicator of the reconstructed virtual space.

Size 60x27x140 (cm)