Until now, plants have played a role in making spaces stand out as supporting characters rather than protagonists.
However, environmental pollution and COVID-19 have changed the perception of plants. Green Link seeks a life of coexistence with plants for the sake of the Earth, gaining rest and stability by bringing plants into personal spaces. Green Link, which delivers the power of plants through indoor gardening, proposes an effective way to live with plants while witnessing environmental pollution becoming more serious.
The easiest and most basic sustainable practice is to put more plants indoors so that you can feel the nature-like environment close to your daily life. The Green Link presents a space where plants are the main characters, with the slogan ‘The lighter way to enjoy green connects’.

<THINK GREEN> Campaign

GreenLink's <THINK GREEN> campaign was planned with the keywords 'green', 'connectivity', and 'trees'. The <THINK GREEN> campaign slogan is ‘GREEN LINK & GREEN LIFE’, which encourages the practice of a daily life connected with nature.

For the <THINK GREEN> campaign planned for Arbor Day 2023, applications can be made for a ‘Grow Your Own Plant Kit’ on the website, enabling people to practice ‘GREEN LINK & GREEN LIFE’ through the kit delivered. On the day of Arbor Day, simultaneous online and offline events will be held to maximize participation.