Everyday Particle(s) 

The endless dance of the atoms has no end or purpose. Like everything else in nature, we are one of the many products of this infinite dance. So it's a product of an accidental combination. Nature is constantly experimenting with form and structure.

Carlo Rovelli: 'Reality Is Not What It Seems'

'Everyday Particle(s)' is an exploration of everyday space. This project series is divided into three parts. And the identity applied throughout the project is inspired by the morphological features of irregular particles. These microscopic dust particles wander freely in everyday space, collide, push and pull. The diverse spaces created by these random linear motions of atoms constantly experiment with forms and structures.

‘Everyday Particle(s)’ is the process of creating a new image epistemology. This hypothetical geological study depicts everyday space and the movement of particles that make it up in various ways. It records an ever-changing daily space with various visual grammars.

Based on this concept, the space in ‘Everyday Particle(s)’ has uncertain and unpredictable characteristics. Numerous perspectives coexist and various movements exist in our lives. There is no space that lasts forever, only a space of coincidence that is constantly broken and rebuilt by random movements.
Size: 148 x 210 (mm)